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Score-based Point Cloud Denoising

Reimplement the paper (Deep Learning)

2022 Spring KAIST 3D ML Project

In this work, we reimplement and reproduce Score-Based Point Cloud Denoising (ICCV 2021).

Score-denoise [1] constructs the model that predicts the score of the distribution, and performs gradient ascent using the predicted score to denoise the point cloud. We use the same experimental setup as the original paper. We use PU-Net [2] dataset for training and testing our model, and PC-Net [3] dataset for testing only. We evaluate our model using two metrics: Chamfer distance (CD) [4] and point-to-mesh distance (P2M) [5]. Our model shows results that are almost similar to the author’s model, but slightly inferior. Especially for unsupervised learning, our model shows a slightly better result than the authors’ model. In summary, our achievements are:

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